Chet Childress interview

This is an interview that I did with Chet Childress last year just after his emotional parting of ways with Black Label and right around the time that Fos was courting him to ride for Heroin.

Being the artistically minded guy that he is, it was Chet’s idea to do the interview via fax allowing him to fully express himself. Which while it made for a more interesting interview visually, it was extremely difficult to lay out in the format of the zine. Trying to keep the layout as intended by Chet while still maintaining its legibility took a lot longer than it should have and I was never 100% happy with it.

Even if I pissed him off a couple of times it turned out to be something rather special. here is Chet in his own words (and layout)…

Chet Aberdeen

Chet Childress – Airs one out backside over the Denburn banks in dreary Aberdeen. [o]Irvine

Chet Glasgow

Two tiles above 3pm on brown marble, Glasgow. [o]Irvine



2 thoughts on “Chet Childress interview

  1. Been enjoying reading through your site big L. Keep up the good work mate! Any chance you could send some down to Australia?

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