Hello all, and please allow me to welcome you to the new Mudo site!

Mudo is a DIY skateboard zine based out of Ottawa and Toronto, Canada and Glasgow, Scotland, covering; skateboarding, art, photography, poetry and the written word in general. We do out best to entertain, educate and inspire our readers on any topics that catch our interest enough to cover.

We started this magazine in reaction to what I saw as the watering down of origional content on the internet over social networking sites etc. So it may seem ironic that we are now welcoming you to our little corner of the internet, for more backpeddling on this issue please see out first post.

Our content is only as strong as the topics we cover and the content submitted to us (lets be honest it scotch taped together and photocopied), and we are extaordinarily lucky to have fans with a wide range of sharp minds, bright ideas, and broad ranging talents.

If you would like to submit work to us, or even an idea or topic that you would like to see covered please contact us at:


Or look us up on Facebook under mudozine and on twitter and instagram @mudozine. You can also visit our shop section for back issues and merch, all profits from which go straight back into the production of future issues.

Thanks for visiting!



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