Why we fight…for our write…no, I lost my thread again…

Allow me to welcome you to the new Mudo site. Which henceforth will be regularly updated with all of the extra content that we can’t quite squeeze into every issue.

It took me a little while (almost two years now), to reconsider my “nothing online” stance, when it came to this project. The entire reason that I decided to start making the zine in the first place came out of my frustration at seeing so much worthy content spilling out onto the internet only to be scrolled past, considered for a split second and forgotten about. Photographs over Facebook, video clips on Vimeo and YouTube, written opinion and critique over thousands of blogs, none being given a second glance or much more than a passing regard.

I wanted to create something tangible, something physical and something finite. A magazine can be ignored. It can be left sitting on a shelf, on a coffee table, even on the rack by the toilet, but it will only be forgotten about until it catches your eye again. If you don’t want to have it any more you have to physically throw it out or destroy it. And if you do this information contained within is gone forever. It creates a greater level of committment to the information and stimuli presented within than simply clicking the gibberish blue text of so many hyperlinks.

This only works however if content is not simultaneously displayed on the internet, which is why our previous blog was so intentionally unfriendly and sparse, offering only scans to print your own copies and the occasional cryptic announcement that a new issue might be on the way. But this time I feel that we have amassed enough added extras and back issue content that we can begin to share things that do not take away from the contents of the mag.

So watch this space for regular updates and extended content, articles that just wouldn’t have worked on paper, pics that didn’t photocopy well, the occasional video clip, news, reviews and much, much (probably not that much) more.



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