Hold the front page….IT’S COMPETITION TIME!

We here at Mudo want everyone who has ever picked up our magazine, or come to visit our little corner of the internet here on the blog, to know how much we appreciate your support. In this modern era media works on the basis of shared ideas moving along lines of communication to reach those on the margins, allowing them to discuss, participate and drive conversations forward, so take part! You guys really are the only reason we do this. And so we thought what better way so say thank you than to make you the biggest part of the next issue, the cover! And ANYONE CAN ENTER!

  • First prize: Your own hand screened Mudo T-shirts, a hand screened coozie, and copies of the issue to impress your mates! As well as Your photograph on the cover of our upcoming issue along with a short interview on the photo how it was shot, what happened on the day etc…
  • Four runners-up: Will have their photos published inside the mag as well as receiving copies of the mag, and hand screened coozies.

shirts first three

meg shirt

How to enter: All you have to do is send us a link to the photo, either through facebook private message or email us at  along with the name of the skater, the photographer, and where the photo was taken (Don’t post them in the comments here). From there, the top five will be picked by the team here, and then Finally the winner chosen by a very special guest judge!

Rules and regulations: Any photo that you submit must be your own property, it must be shot portrait orientation or be cropped accordingly, it must be free of watermarks, it must be of a high enough quality and a well framed image to look good as a 4×7 print (as it will be on the cover). It does not necessarily even have to be skateboarding, but don’t let it be some stale old shot that’s already floating around on Facebook or Instagram.


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