history / video

Some post millennium Ocean Howell footage

Once upon a time my local skate shop in Glasgow held a competition to win a t shirt. The question was a simple one; name the original Stereo team. However as this was not the most challenging of questions they had also added a tie breaker; who else from that era would you have added to the team at the time, with the best three answers winning a prize.

Even more fiendishly however was the automatic win response or “correct” answer as posited by style legend in his own right Mr Mark Foster of Focus Glasgow. The two people that Mark had deemed shoe ins on one of the most stylish teams of the time (if not all time) were Julien Stranger and, as you might have guessed, Ocean Howell.

Now this new footage is not from that era when he was at the peak of his abilities (see any number of earlier Birdhouse videos for that) but rather right around the time that I won a god awful purple t shirt for knowing that he looked damn good on a skateboard.

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