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Lewis on film (and three chip, digi cam and iPhone)

There have been so many edits and videos both featuring members of the extended Lewis family that it can be hard to keep track of where everything fits. The following is by no means an extensive cataloging of their exploits on film, more a platter of visual h’orderves.

What more non linear place to start than with the final section from “bad for business”, and the second wave comeback part from the sometimes elusive Dylan Cousineau.


Next up is Braindead, which may well feature my favorite not skating clip in any video with the diddling of chips.


He spins, he flips, he don’t dig on swine. The vegan fly boy Sam Beaulieu was welcomed to the team with this wonderfully lo-fi clip


Has anyone ever skated to a better soundtrack than their own uncontrollable coughing? Beige is a go to over here whenever i need a little inspiration to get out of the house.



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