Sticker slap

Everyone loves stickers, at their best these little works of graphic art are a wonder to behold. Funny, pointed, provocative, they can be all this and more, or nothing more than a simple logo.

As you may or may not have read in the interview with the man behind Lewis Cruise that we posted yesterday Lewis started out with stickers. Because as Jacob explains it, “Without a logo there is no company. We were trying to trick people into thinking that Lewis Cruise was a thing, and the easiest way to do that was with stickers”.

Almost all of the stickers are screened and cut by hand, it is a lengthy and presumably tedious process but the end result is more that just a sliver of colored vinyl, it is a tiny work of art. Here are a selection of Lewis stickers from over the years.


I need my inhailer dot blogspot


Big butts of all varieties.


tasty collabo’s


hey buddy got a smoke?


the rawest of dogs


word on the street it magnums is what I fit.




Justin’s new tat



Sticker Scan OG Mudo

from the old…

Sticker Scan New Mudo

to the new.


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