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Andrew Reynolds Polaroid show

We popped over to Bluetile lounge this passed saturday night to check out the touring exibition of Andrew Reynolds Polaroid photographs. A collection that he has amassed over the years and that was recently liberated from his garage by large headed skate media impresario Patrick O’Dell, it promised a glimpse behind the scenes of one of skateboarding most outrageous time periods.

I was 15 when Baker 2g came out and to my friends and I in my seaside hometown it was all very exciting, I distinctly remember the day that it arrived in the post and, after watching it through twice, I stole my Dads Van Morrison lp’s, went down to the local Cancer research charity shop and bought a second hand leather jacket and promptly began hucking myself down the local 7 stair.

2014-11-23 00.05.53

Blowing it.



2014-11-23 00.04.26

“The place looks empty guys”


2014-11-23 00.04.04

But wait whats this?

2014-11-22 23.15.59

First photo I saw in the door, fellow Brit abroad Louis Slater who once stated in an interview that he would watch Goodfellas every morning for style tips. Good lad.

2014-11-22 23.10.53

Skateboarders or rock stars? Boulala and Reynolds blured as many lines as they no doubt sniffed.

2014-11-22 23.11.05

A baby faced Jimmy Greco seen here wearing a shirt which seems to have been a rarity at the time.

2014-11-22 23.10.29

Andrew Reynolds is the Boss, and yeah it was pretty good.

I got to see lots of friendly faces, the free beer was flowing and the streets were filled with angry young punks thanks to a hardcore festival taking place across the street all in all a pretty Piss Drunx kind of evening. Thanks to Blue Tile and Altamont for putting it all together.

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