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The genius of the crowd(funding)

Big news for the residents of Ottawa this morning as the Ottawa Community Skateboarding Association announces that the city has agreed to come up with the remaining funds for the McNabb skatepark project. This is a project that I was fortunate enough to be a part of and I am extremely proud of all of the people who put their hands in their pockets and rolled up their sleeves to help make this happen, with a special thanks to Aaaron Cayer and Meagan Isaacs who have been integral in driving this project forward.

Here is the press release in full:

ANNOUNCEMENT: Several months ago, OSCA spent the winter working on an application for The Community Partnership Major Capital Program, a grant through the City of Ottawa that would match, dollar for dollar, what we raise for phase 2 of the McNabb Skate Park. Having to come up with $100,000 for the second phase, OSCA hoped to receive the grant and lower the fundraising goal to a more realistic $50,000 with the grant’s funding covering the other half. Currently, we have raised a total of $26,500 for #1SquareFoot.

This past week, the board made their decision on the applicants. A city official got in touch to let us know we didn’t get the grant. However, upon reviewing our application, reading the research and statistics on the positive impact this park will have, and recognizing the overwhelming support of the downtown community behind this fundraising effort, the City has offered to pay the remaining amount owed for phase 2!

We at OSCA are eternally grateful to every person who dropped change in a community donation jar at the many local shops and businesses who kindly host them. For every person who came out or took part in OSCA fundraising events, every business who has supported us and hosted events for #1SquareFoot, and so many others who made the McNabb Skate Park happen.

We will be keeping everyone posted in the coming weeks as we meet with city officials and extend our sincerest thank you to everyone who made this possible. #1SquareFoot wrap up thank you party coming soon!

And here is the final design rendering showing both phases of the park which will now be completed in tandem.


Keep up  with all news and events at the OSCA webstite at http://www.ottawaskateboard.ca as well as the announcement of the date for the One Square Foot wrap party. That one is certainly not to be missed.

See you there!

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