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Amber by Fergus Wood

Fergus Wood is a talented young film maker from Scotland who he’s been releasing short edits showing all kind of different facets of skateboarding around the country.

In his latest clip we are treated to the juxtaposition of Glasgow’s George square teaming with fashionable young people, David Cooper included, and what must be probably the first recorded tricks done on the sea front on the tiny island of Milport. At least I’m pretty sure it’s Milport, I have a vague recollection of once throwing up outside that Chinese restaurant before an en masse skinny dip in the freezing firth of Clyde.

I would highly recommend checking out Fergus’ YouTube account to see more of his videos from over the years from the Urban exploration of the Edinburgh based ***rare candy cheat***, to the wonderfully quaint look at skateboarding on the outer edges we see in Imp Stone, as well as his excellent work with Scottish board company and friends of the magazine Harvest Skate Co.

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