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Gino of Chocolate, on…

It has finally happened, one of the longest running SLAP messageboard jokes has finally come to fruition as Gino Iannucci has parted ways with Chocolate skateboards, as evidenced by his swift removal this afternoon of his name and bio from their team page.



The forums have probably caught fire by now as the rumor mill spins out of control despite the truth of the matter being little secret, but more on that later. While speculation has been rampant about retirement on and off for a while now and in fact spawned the misspelled thread title that will live on in infamy, the far more shocking truth was eventually eked out in the form of the increasingly popular cryptic Instagram post.




From Anthony Van Engelen



From Bobshirt.


Posted along side the hashtag #FAwordentertainment, some still believed it to merely be an homage to a retiring great. However after a few drawn out conversations with those in the know about such things it appears that there is some conformable news to report.

Following an offer from Fucking Awesome and a round of negotiations with Chocolate where in the offer clearly did not meet with Gino’s demands/expectations/FA’s offer he has quit Chocolate for Fucking Awesome. Simple as that.

Or is it? There are still a lot of unanswered questions over why he would leave a sponsor that has seemingly supported him thick and thin. With the last few years being rather light on the footage side of things for him it still never seemed likely that he would have gotten the boot, so if he has chosen to leave it could either be an indication of some stirrings over at the Crailtap camp, or on the other hand with FA’s meteoric rise over the past 11 months perhaps it is a case of C.R.E.A.M

And speaking of which lets remind ourselves (as if we needed to) why this news is so impactful, by watching the, classic in its own right Gino Iannucci mix-tape courtesy of Manolo’s Tapes.


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