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Hilarious new PALACE and Adidas commercial

This time the boys over at Palace have teamed up with Adidas originals to produce a line of high end sports ware, and what they have come up with looks pretty wild. Items that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a Liverpool council estate circa 1991, mix with more basic track suits that look more akin to something a second division league team might wear to the training grounds, and of course this is all topped off by the quintessential, three years and still trending, “bucket hat”. And more impressive than that is that it’s probably all sold out by the time you read this.

But then what would you expect? It is after all some “proper high grade clobber”.

I have to say though it looks like all of these collaborations with galleries and sportswear brands are really taking a toll on poor old Lev, he looks awful these days.

Also if you pick up on the subtle Stevie Williams reference and mention it in the comments I’ll send you a free Mudo shirt and coozie pack.

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