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Adidas Presents Skate Coppa

To coincide with this years up coming World Cup Adidas skateboarding have released a line of soccer inspired jerseys from their team members respective countries. The shirts were produced in collaboration with each team riders board sponsor and feature a lot of subtle (and some not so subtle) nods towards their individual love of the beautiful game. For example I don’t think that it comes as much of a surprise that Lucas’ Euro 2000 era inspired France shirt bears the number 10 of Zinedine Zidane a player who was as consistent and prolific on the field as Lucas is on a board.

lucas copa

Although I have to say that my pick of the bunch would have to be Lem Villemin’s Germany strip. Inspired by the kit that literally transcended the fall of the Berlin wall and went from being the uniform of the then West German team ,who hosted the UEFA European championships in 1988, and who would go on to win the World cup in Italy in 1990, it would be the last time that a German team would represent a divided Germany as unification followed shortly after. I probably still have this shirt at home, indelibly grass stained from my attempted re-enactments of one of my then hero Jurgen Klinsmann’s spectacular diving headers.

coppa lem

As well as the release of the jerseys themselves Adidas have also put out this rad clip to go along with the release, featuring each of the skaters in their countries of origin ripping around on the streets, presumably looking of a good beer garden to post up at and watch the game.

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