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The latest offering from Adam Bos’ Neighborhood Watch is here, following on from the excellent “wash, rinse, repeat” which highlighted the constant torture of living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that his brother Joshua faces, while at the same time highlighting his position as one of Canada’s most under rated and talented skateboarders.

This time around in “Headroom” we have a trio of stylish and talented rippers on display set to a backdrop of beautiful editing, that I am led to believe was done wholly in camera or on a VCR in post production with no digital manipulation. Transitioning from the grainy and washed out to the lush and over-saturated with interspersed bursts of static and tracking it is a fine example of a talented videographer using the tools at his disposal to really tie a video together thematically without ever taking away from the skateboarding on show.

Caleb Lilly starts things of with one of the most watchable parts I have seen in some time. His smooth, long-legged style translates well to the spots he skates adding a quick footed immediacy to the taming of some pretty rugged terrain. Particular standouts being the authoritative flick and stomp on the tail slide kick flip out in the line at 1:13, and the front tail pop up to switch crook on the curving ledge.

Next up is Antique team-rider and Ottawa’s own Seb Labbe who comes through with another solid part showcasing pretty much everything you are looking for from him summed up in the first trick; tech, gnar, crusty east coast spot and transitions lenses darkened in the warm Miami sun. Interspersed with guest tricks from Will Marshal, Matt Dupuis and Sam Lind it’s a part that shows off his ability to skate anything put in front of him and make it look a hell of a lot easier than it is.

The third and final part goes to Joshua Bos, and if he was under-rated at the time of “wash, rinse, repeat”, then it is now becoming comical how good this guy is. He has a keen eye for spots and a healthy bag of tricks to take to them, couple that with the apparent ability to ride away clean from anything as though he had just rolled off a curb and you start to realize why this guy should be going places.

I probably don’t have to say at this point but I am a fan of this video. It does what the scene video should do, in that it shows of local talent and spots, but it raises the bar in almost every facet. Skating, filming, production, and spots all fall higher than what would be expected from such a small production. It’s short, punchy and will make you curse the remainder of winter for keeping you from jumping straight on your board as the credits roll, but I have a feeling that I will still have it on heavy rotation when spring rolls around.

But don’t take my word for it, Watch it right here!

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