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Are B-side edits the “solo web part” of 2014?

As January winds on the last remnants of last years projects are being trotted out in the best of 2013 round up lists. Skaters, companies, and videos of the year have been announced and celebrated and now it’s time for the run-off, all of the stuff that didn’t quite make it into the last 12 month cycle is being cleared out to make way for projects new.

The difference being that so far this year the quality of remixes and b-sides has far out weighed expectation and in some cases is even considered to be better than the original content that it stemmed. Thirteen minuets of hearing every groan, creak and yelp of raw energy that Brandon Westgate put into the filming of his MADE part for Emerica? Yes please!

While this style of B-side edit gets you up close and in the thick of the action, all urethane squeals and ply snapping on concrete, there are also B-side edits of a different variety, that are all unseen footage and second angles. Ottawa’s Will Marshall came out with one of the surprise parts of the year in Top of the World’s video Aspect Ratio, and proves here that there was a lot more that got put down that did not make it into the final cut. This is fully edited, soundtracked and put out as a whole new part, which really makes it more of a double A-side, if people still care what a 45 was.

It seems like this year a part won’t be a part unless it comes with at least another parts worth of extras. One thing is for certain the level of skating is not only increasing in terms of skill. Work ethic is undeniably on the rise and the pace will not let up, and unless you are an entitled and lazy pro that means a lot of good coming up in 2014.

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