D.I.Y. / skateboarding

D.I.why not make something more interesting?

Well folks, Spring is not exactly right around the corner just yet for the large majority of our readers in the northern hemisphere, but that does not mean that it is not time to fire up the drawing board and start planning some D.I.Y. projects to be getting on with when the sun smiles over the land once more. And in case you need a little inspiration to think outside of the box here are a few clips to get the brain cogs turning and the graphite flying.

One option is to make a portable low impact obstacle that you can throw down anywhere to while away the hours. Parking blocks can be found in the wild or even acquired from building sites and road works yards and repurposed but if you wanna ger really wild remember that concrete can be moulded into shapes only restricted by your imagination…and the laws of physics, and your wheelbase.

If you are lucky enough to have access to some already insane terrain then modifying it might not be the first thought to cross your mind, however with a little imagination and one would have to assume some pretty precise measurements that pipe/ditch/bridge that is fun to roll around on can be made into something straight out of Daewon’s dreams.

Even if you find yourself low on funds, or without the ability to pour concrete you can still find an outlet for your creativity by using wood. hell you can pretty much get by without screws or nails if you are out of your fucking gourd.

In the end it doesn’t matter what you build as long as it keeps you entertained, and even if the spot is basic there are still almost limitless possibilities as to what can be done on it. As proven here by Lucas Puig by being better that god.

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