Monday Media Review / skateboarding / video

Monday media review: Top of the World “Aspect Ratio”

Top of the World skateshop in Ottawa has long been known as an incubator for some of Canada’s most well renowned and respected professional skateboarders; Wade Desarmo, Gailea Momolu, Spencer Hamilton, the list goes on. So when they announced that they were releasing their first full length video since 2004’s seminal “top Dollar”people rightly sat up and took notice.

And they will not be disappointed. The video showcases the talents of a broad team, from the veterans like Dave Nolan and Richard Sarrazin to the up and comers like Will Marshall and Sam Lind, from the tech wizardry of Jon Piekarski to the nimble-footed style showcase of Mike Fyfe, and never forgetting the beloved hometown heroes Mitch Barrette, Matt Canadien and the rest of Mystks crew, there is something for all palettes.

It is also worth giving special note to Will Marshals two song ender. The part has really caught the attention of a lot of people both regular bods like you and me as well as big wig industry types, and looks like it might just Catapult the young man to some degree of skateboard fame. Lets just hope that  he can stay away from the Cool-Aid long enough to make bank off a line of signature blunt wraps and a custom “pro model” Mini, and wish him all the best.

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