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Huf “Stoops Euro” tour

Here for your viewing pleasure both parts one and two of the Huf shoes “Stoops Euro” tour. My only disappointment regarding this video is that it was released in two parts via the thrasher website and as a result will probably never see a DVD release or be cut into one edit which is a shame. Still all the same it must stand as one of the better tour edits in recent memory. Particular high points are any time that we get to see Keith Hufnagel skate, the skateable architecture of Copenhagen, Dylan’s hair, K-Terps grinding over playground equipment and the 411vm style editing of the demo footage complete with grainy worn out VHS filtering which henceforth should be the only way that contest or demo footage is edited.

So one stop short of editing them together here are parts one and two of the Huf “Stoops Euro” tour.

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