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Mudo Issue VI

mudo issue 6

At long last and after much unforeseen delay the 6th issue of Mudo is now complete and will be available at select locations forthwith.

We should start by giving congratulations to Stefan Lind of Austria, who’s shot of Luki Krobath’s frontside nosegrind was judged as the overall winner of our cover contest and who will be receiving copies of the issue for himself and some for his local shop Freedom Skateshop in Graz.

In this issue we have and Interview with professional skateboarder/professional smoker Dan Drehobl, who shares his thoughts on visiting Canada, leaving home to chase his dreams in SF, The Gonz, getting revenge on “shitty” team managers and much more.

We also have a host of opinion on the various merits of frontside vs backside where wallrides are concerned, we get the tales from behind the scenes from filmers Jordan Wiens and Paul McConnach as they share some interesting screen grabs from recent filming projects such as Top of the world’s “Aspect Ratio” and the soon to drop independent Scottish video “Iron Giraffe” (stay tuned for more on that!), we will be showcasing the talents of amateur skate photographers from around the world as we proudly share the finalists from our cover contest. All this and more rounded of with a little French verse or two by Paul Verlaine.

We are also happy to be featuring an even broader range of advertisement this issue from the likes of Plains hardware, Lewis Cruise, Antique skateshop, the Highbrow company, Harvest skateboards and Freedumb Airlines. Support the companies that support skateboarding.

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