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Police Informer, the scanner becomes the scanned

We take a look back to our second issue that came out in the spring of 2012 for which we interviewed the architect of the infamous blog Police Informer, that ten years ago was one of the fore runners of the 90’s nostalgia movement within the skateboard media. The scanning, uploading and archiving photos, advertisements, articles and interviews was a personal project, that by happenstance became popular and as a result has, along with its luminaries such as Bobshirt and Chromeball Incident, left us with an exhaustive archive of one of the most progressive, exciting and culturally relative periods in skateboarding history. A history that that would otherwise have been confined to the magazines from whence they were scanned,  left slowly gathering dust in the bedrooms of there owners, which would be a great loss.

So we give thanks to the librarians, the archivists, the informers.










And as a little bonus lets have a look at some of Police Informers favourite adverts from throughout the years that we were unable to include in the original magazine, either due to space constraints or the quality of the images after duplication. Enjoy!






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