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Dennis Durrant Welcome to Adidas

Dennis Durrant has been an extremely underrated skateboarder, well pretty much as long as I can remember hearing his name. He first implanted himself in the minds of many in the U.K. where I was living at the time, with the release of Circa’s “It’s Time”, a video that despite having a lot of great parts was always going to be a bit of a let down coming as it did right after the dissolution of Circa’s super team. Gone was Jamie Thomas, Chad Muska, Mark Appleyard and in their place were a team of very talented riders who were right on the cusp of being household names but still nothing in comparison to , dare we say it, what could have been a video on the level of the ubiquitous Menikmati. It seems to me that this is something that has stuck with Durrant for his whole career, flying just under the radar, relatively without sponsorship, the connoisseur’s choice…until now?

Still without a board sponsor after recent false starts with Life Extention (spelling by Nick Trapasso) and Skate Mental before that, Lets hope that Adidas can help to raise his profile, because as you can see based on the footage in his welcome part, he deserves more than he has been afforded up until now and it is a small tragedy that people cannot close their laptops immediately after viewing and go out and buy his board. Someone needs to sort that out.

I also want to give a little extra shout out to this…


Because, well, fuck it looks beautifull.

And if that has wetted your appetite for more of Dennis Casually killing it then look no further lets have a little look back shall we…

“He has the best push in Australia”, Charles McIver.

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