We received an overwhelming number of entries for our cover competition, and the quality throughout was extremely high. Any one of them would have been more than worth of gracing our humble cover. However in a contest such as this there can be only one winner.

So without further ado I present you with our 6 finalists, chosen by the team here out of all of the entries we received to go forward and be scrutinized by our special guest judge, who ultimately picked the winner. In no particular order the finalists are…

Connor Close!

Stefan Lind!

Mark Maloney!

Derek Rosener!

Adam Logan!

Richard Bacon!

Congratulations guys!

And who might be our guest judge I hear you ask? Well here he is giving the seal of approval to one of our finalists photos that were all presented to him in the form of mocked up covers to really judge what the end product would look like. Ladies and gentlemen its Ol’ Corpsey himself Dan Drehobl!

dan thumsup

We are unable to confirm at this point whether or not Navarrete got his two cents in on the decision but he was clearly not passing up the opportunity to photobomb.

Dan’s final decision will be announced with the release of the next issue in the coming week and we will be posting up some of the honorable mentions that we were not able to include in the final edit of the mag.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted, you did a hell of a job!

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