A press release from our friends at Freedumb Airlines


Dan Drehobl here, I just wanted to give everyone an update on Freedumb airlines. Recently, I put a team together with myself, Maru, Marisa dal Santo, Preston Harper, Brandon Perelson, Kevin Kowalski, Andrew Currie, and Jeff Grosso.
Also, I am currently taking my final orders on this line of tee’s before I switch gears and start focusing on our winter/ holiday line. I have decided to change all the t-shirts to a one color graphic on a softer, higher quality shirt. hopefully everybody will be happy with them, I think they are pretty sick and are more of something that I would wear.
For those of you at shops who have placed orders; I would love to hear any feedback as to how the shirts are selling and if you have any advice, complaints, or request for what you would like to see in the future. I will be sending you all a tentative catalog of the holiday line in about a week or so.
Thank you all for flying with Freedumb airlines,
Dan Drehobl”

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