John Rattray Interviewed

The following is an interview with John Rattray that appeared in our latest issue. Issue number five  is still available now but in case you havent been able to get your grubby little mitts on a copy yet or need a bit more persuading that it is not just composed of the self involved dribbling of a jaded lunatic, think of this as little taster, an aperitif to the bountiful photocopied buffet on offer.

John was good enough to answer these questions with his trademark balance of warmth, sarcasm and wit and we are very grateful that he was able to take the time.

What is shown here is a visual representation of the interview as it was reproduced in the zine, we hope that what is lost in visual clarity will not take away from the interview itself, save to serve as a reminder that the written word can be enjoyed and shared in many forms. Some more impactful that others although not always as accessible.

That being said I would encourage you all to seek out more of Mr Rattray’s wonderful writing on his website at . As well as keeping up with his other endevors he describes herin at and

     john 1

john 2

john 3

john 4

john 5

john 6

We hope you have enjoyed this little teaser of issue number five as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.


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