“The Ginger Army General”, Div Adam.

Div was one of the first people I thought about contacting to shoot questions to for the magazine. He has such an infectious personality combined with the look of a wild man and the accent of someone who (to any non Scots at least) may as well be from outer space.

Just the other day I met Wes Kramer, pro for Skate Mafia and San Diego native, and within 2 minuets of our conversation he stopped me and asked; “Do you know Div? That guy is the best, next time you see him tell him Wes says what up”. He just has that affect on people always has.

And so here re-formatted for the internet is Div’s interview from our first issue all the way back in the summer of 2011.div pic1



div2div pic 2div3div pic 3div4div 5div 7



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